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How Walking Therapy Changed My Life

Walking therapy, also known as walk-and-talk therapy, combines the benefits of physical activity with the therapeutic process. Therapy sessions are held outdoors, providing a unique and effective way to address mental health issues. For many, including myself, this approach has been transformative.

My Journey with Walking Therapy

A long, stressful journey to meet with unfamiliar therapists in a busy life felt like a gamble, but I was desperate for change. Despite experiencing highs and appreciating the beauty in life, I have battled deep depression, extensive trauma, and predatory people. My sensitive nature made it hard to navigate a world that often felt chaotic.

Discovering Stone in My Boot

When I stumbled upon Stone in My Boot, I knew immediately that this was something I needed to try. Their approach resonated with me: skilled counsellors, the therapeutic power of nature, and a supportive environment away from the relentless demands of daily life.

The Experience

At Stone in My Boot, I found a place to breathe and be myself. The retreat at the Rydal Hall Estate in the Lake District offered guided walks through stunning landscapes, reflective activities, and personal counselling sessions. These elements combined to create an atmosphere of genuine care and support.

The Testimonial: Michelle’s Story

Michelle, an NHS Mental Health Practitioner from Yorkshire, shares a similar story:

“A long stressful journey to blokes I’d never met in an extremely busy life was a crapshoot, but frankly, I was desperate. In spite of knowing highs, still seeing beauty in the world and being blessed with lovely friends and a brilliant kid, I have fundamentally known extensive trauma, been targeted by predatory people and battled deep depression most of my life. It is undeniably hard to be a sensitive soul in a world that seems nuts, but can make you feel like you are. When I stumbled on the site, my instant reaction was that I needed to do this. I was right!”

Michelle’s experiences with therapy, boxing, yoga, and other self-help methods were beneficial for a time but never provided a lasting solution. Walking therapy, however, offered a unique blend of physical activity and emotional support that was unparalleled.

The Healing Power of Nature

Walking in the Lake District, surrounded by nature’s beauty, allowed me to connect deeply with myself. The guided walks were not just about physical exercise; they were about pausing to reflect and reconnect with my inner self. The tranquillity of the surroundings provided a perfect backdrop for introspection and healing.

Personal Growth and Reflection

The therapy sessions, especially those conducted on the trails, were incredibly insightful. The counsellors at Stone in My Boot were attuned to my needs, helping me navigate my thoughts and emotions. This nurturing environment was critical in facilitating my personal growth and healing.

Encouragement for Others

Michelle emphasises, “You probably doubt you’re worth the time and financial investment needed to take the leap. Depression is a convincing liar. You are though. You’re worth everything.” This statement rings true for many struggling with mental health issues. Investing in yourself through walking therapy can be a transformative experience.

Final Thoughts

Walking therapy at Stone in My Boot has profoundly impacted my life. It offered a sanctuary where I could step away from the chaos of everyday life and focus on healing. For anyone considering this path, I encourage you to take the leap. As Michelle and I have discovered, the combination of nature, skilled counsellors, and reflective activities can truly change your life.

For more information or to book a session, learn more about us.

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