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Upcoming dates for 2024:
3 PLACES REMAIN: Friday 19th - Sunday 21st July 
23rd - 25th August | 27th - 29th September 

25th - 27th October | 22nd - 24th November *

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*Dates subject to sufficient numbers and place availability. In rare instance of retreat cancellation, transfer to another date or full refund will be offered.



Our unique three-day programme includes a mixture of individual counselling, mindfulness and group reflection activities, most of which take place outdoors. These can take place over a weekend or during the week. Longer programmes can also be provided for more specific needs.

Please visit our video section for more information on how time with us would be structured. Here you will find a more comprehensive overview of what we offer, alongside getting a feel for us individuals.


Physical and mental well-being are closely linked entities, with one greatly influencing the other.   


A group walking holiday, combined with thought-provoking activities, amidst the stunning scenery of the Lake District, can help to restore the mind, develop perspective and order your thoughts and priorities.


Our programme also allows a strong connection to be made with us - something that can give real traction to subsequent therapy sessions, should you feel they would be helpful.


Our sessions are based at the impressive Rydal Hall Estate - a 34-acre World Heritage Site near Ambleside. We use this location for indoor sessions, as well as our breakfasts and evening meals.

We use a variety of gentle guided walks tailored to the group's physical needs. The walks take in stunning locations such as Buttermere Lake - with its dramatic fells, farms and woodland - or the Langdale Valley, with its dramatic skyline and cascading waterfalls.  


Our aim with outdoor therapy is to showcase the very best that the Lake District has to offer in order to complement your therapeutic experience. 

Through personal experience and our role as counsellors, we're often reminded that it is not the length of the journey that makes reaching our goal difficult, it's the 'Stone in our Boot'.


Being away from daily pressures with a Lake District walking holiday can really help a person focus on what they want from personal counselling.  When stuck on the merry-go-round of life, we are often too busy hanging on to give ourselves this time to reflect.  Our three-day mindfulness retreat, allows for a strong connection to be made with us which can give real traction to your subsequent therapy sessions.


Sometimes we need to have dedicated time, in order to move away from our default mode of existence.  If you have a particular challenge, it can be very beneficial to be part of a group sharing similar issues.  It helps us to recognise we are not alone whilst providing a platform for strength and direction.  Those who take the opportunity to join us can share if they want, but equally, issues can remain totally confidential.


"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

Carl Rogers

American Psychologist ,1902 - 1987

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