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Who Stone in my Boot aimed at?

Here we expand on key and the more subtle advantages you can expect when taking part in this unique walking therapy experience.

Our two-day counselling service is for individuals facing emotional and mental challenges like stress, anxiety, and more. We offer a non-judgmental space, welcoming people with specific goals or those simply seeking guidance.

How the weekends are structured

An overview of the typical schedule, aimed at creating the best experience for you in the stunning northern Lakes.

We typically host up to 12 people at a time in a hotel near Ambleside, engaging in activities that encourage perspective and group sharing in a supportive environment. We emphasise the value of communal experiences in the healing process, accommodating everyone's comfort levels with sharing. Our events include outdoor activities before the main sessions, aiming to connect participants with nature and each other in a holistic therapeutic experience.

Our style and approach

In this video you'll learn more about the dynamic we aim to create between us and our participants.

In this video, we underscore our person-centred method. It accentuates our objective to forge an environment conducive to self-exploration and personal advancement, facilitated through both group activities and individual sessions. This approach is designed to empower attendees to live their lives in accordance with their genuine values and aspirations.

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