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Through personal experience and our role as counsellors, we are often reminded that it is not the length of the journey that makes reaching our goal difficult or uncomfortable, it's the 'Stone in our Boot'.  Our passion lies in helping others remove that stone.


We have both worked as BACP-registered therapeutic counsellors for many years now.  It’s a role that we enjoy and we know that therapy can be effective in changing people’s lives.

Although we work one-to-one, either online or in person, we have realised that an outdoor short walking break (over three days), can provide a more beneficial experience for our clients.  The connection between our profession and the Lake District seemed an obvious one for many reasons.  We have both spent a lot of time in the Lakes, visiting every year since we were children and continue to experience the same feelings every time we visit - excited, refreshed and free from the pressures of our daily lives.


Putting these two elements together seemed very much the right thing to do.  We see a walking weekend (or mid-week programme), together with therapy, as a way of getting the best early results from counselling whilst allowing you to build a relationship with us as counsellors. 


A period of easy walking and thought-provoking activities, amidst the stunning scenery of Lake District, can help to restore the mind, develop perspective and order thoughts and priorities.  So, whether you’re looking for a singles walking / solo walking or a group experience, our organised walks will provide you with the ideal conditions for reflection.






John has worked throughout Europe and the USA, for a variety of organisations, including the BBC and Rolls Royce.

Before training as a Therapeutic Counsellor, John was always involved in helping people to reach their full potential, whether through training and development or improving communication skills. 

Having trained as a Therapeutic Counsellor, John has worked with a broad selection of clients in his private practice (either as individuals or couples).  His clients range from ex-forces personnel through to autistic clients.  As well as having his own practice, he has worked for Mind as a Counsellor for a number of years. 

Currently, John works for Bedford College as a Counselling Lecturer.  He has been a part of the Counselling Team for the last five years, continuing his passion for developing others.  He currently teaches a variety of counselling courses. 

John’s ideal Stone in My Boot day

Walking the ridge from Catbells over to High Spy in Autumn, marvelling at the mist on Derwentwater and the glorious views through to Borrowdale – all topped off with a welcome pint at Rosthwaite. 








Tony has enjoyed successful careers in fitness, teaching and corporate communications, working with leading brands such as Stella Artois, Boddingtons and Leffe. 


Having retrained as a therapeutic counsellor, Tony has – amongst other roles - been a Listener and Leader for the Samaritans, a Mentor for the mental health charity MIND and is now an Accredited BACP Therapeutic Counsellor.


Tony’s passion for supporting others with their emotional wellbeing has seen him deliver talk-therapy for some of the UK’s foremost Employee Assistance Providers, working with a variety of people from police officers to university students. 


Alongside Stone in my Boot and running his own private practice, Tony now delivers talk-therapy for a leading NHS mental health provider.


Outside of counselling, Tony continues to compete in Master’s Athletics as a sprinter.  As you might imagine, he also enjoys hitting the trail in some of the country’s most beautiful and rugged places.

Tony’s ideal Stone in My Boot day:

Climbing up from Buttermere to find solitude and take in the view with a flask of tea and a block of chocolate.

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